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The Covid 19 virus, which has affected our world, has changed our lives. Our habits in daily life have been shaken, what we know is mixed. Students and teachers, who make up almost a quarter of our country's population, have had their share of this change. Schools remained closed for long periods. Students and teachers switched to distance education from their homes.

In this process, some students went to the hills to find a place with internet access, while others queued to share the only smartphone in the house with their siblings. Others missed the live lesson while feeding the animals in the barn. Some of them's grandfather was a "mandatory" guest to the lesson, sometimes the teacher's newborn baby added joy to the lesson. Some of the microphones were never turned off, some of them never turned on the camera. And what more…

We, too, in order to make a note of history; We asked the writers of the Minus 18 Literature Society to write "Comedy Stories in Distance Education" in order to tell about the events that you will especially remember with a laugh, and that will make you laugh even more as you read. Thirty writers came together and the "Online Comedy" compilation came into existence. We think that you will find traces of your memories that will make you smile between the lines of the stories. Because stories have life.


In this book, I am with you with the story "I Think I'm Old".


#çevrimiçigülmece #children's literature #kitap 


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