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Burçak Temel

Burcak Temel

Medical Biologist, Child Development Specialist, Creative Drama Instructor
3 Publishers
Workshops in 58 provinces and districts
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As someone who has devoted himself to education for many years, " Creative Drama" and " Educational Drama" have a special place for me. First off, it's definitely not dull. I am having fun and learning along with the children. I'm growing with them. That is why I attach great importance to the healing power and effect of drama in coping with negative situations and emotions.


As someone who wrote and first implemented the guidelines, I must say that; During the activities, we (children and trainers) had a lot of fun, we had fun, we thought seriously and produced solutions to many problems, we discovered the planet GAIA, which has volcanic eruptions and constant ground shaking, and tried to communicate with aliens. Most importantly, each child got to know himself and his feelings. According to our analysis, we have achieved this. I hope you can give this enjoyable time to children who have experienced disasters traumatic while supporting them to overcome the effects.


The book contains both the instructions we apply to the children and the tasks we give the families to do during the week. All of the teachers and trainers trained in drama are at a level that can be applied. Although we used the study with children who experienced an earthquake, we kept the content of the education wider. Thus, we have developed it in a form applicable to all kinds of traumatic experiences that children may encounter.


My precious trainer who will implement these activities; While doing their studies, each trainer prepared a puppet with different characters and history, and from the first day, the puppet was in the activities with the children. Every age group loved the puppet and it created a warmer and more friendly effect in the digital environment. Of course, this made the job of us trainers easier. So before following these guidelines, I would say it would be helpful to design a handmade puppet. 


In addition, I have reserved the first pages for the declaration of the scientific study we have done. This study was deemed worthy of presentation at the International Congress of Curriculum and Instructional Sciences (ICCI-EPOK) held at Ege University in November 2021 as a scientific paper and was evaluated as a curriculum study suitable for its purpose. The study was included in the Congress Full-Text Proceedings. You can either read it or skip directly to the activity instructions. You can contact me for more detailed information.

What matters is life and people. Is not it?!!


Bir varmış bir yokmuş, mor masallarda eşitlik çokmuş. Kızlar ülkeleri yönetmiş, koca koca devleri yenmiş. Oğlanlar artık güçlü görünmek zorunda değilmiş, ortada ne kurtarılacak prenses ne de alt edilecek bir cadı varmış. Çocuklar evlendirilmemiş, oyun oynayıp doyasıya gülmüş. Mor masalların sihri dayanışmadan geçmiş.

Asıl güç; Ayrımcılara karşı kız, oğlan demeden birlikte el ele yürümekmiş.

İşte bu fikirler 20 yazar ve bir çizer bir araya gelmiş ve "Mor Masallar" çocuklara armağan olmuş...

Once upon a time, there was a lot of equality in "purple tales". Girls ruled countries and defeated huge giants. The boys no longer had to look strong, there was neither a princess to be rescued, nor a witch to defeat. The children were not married, they played and laughed to the fullest. The magic of "purple tales" has passed through solidarity.

real power; It was walking hand in hand against discrimination, without saying, girls or boys.

20 writers and an illustrator brought these ideas together, and "Purple Tales" was a gift to children...


The Covid 19 virus, which has affected our world, has changed our lives. Our habits in daily life have been shaken, what we know is mixed. Students and teachers, who make up almost a quarter of our country's population, have had their share of this change. Schools remained closed for long periods. Students and teachers switched to distance education from their homes.

In this process, some students went to the hills to find a place with internet access, while others queued to share the only smartphone in the house with their siblings. Others missed the live lesson while feeding the animals in the barn. Some of their grandfathers were "mandatory" guests to the lesson, and sometimes the teacher's newborn baby added joy to the lesson. Some of the microphones were never turned off and some of them never turned on the camera. And what more…

We, too, take note of history; asked the writers of the Minus 18 Literature Community to write & Comedy Stories in Distance Education& to tell about the events that you will remember with a laugh, and that will make you laugh even more as you read.
Thirty writers came together and the Online Comedy, the compilation was born. We think that you will find traces of your memories that will make you smile between the lines of the stories. Because stories have life.


Who is coming in They are Coming? A small dog looking for a warm home, a toy panda that is haunted after being bought from the store, a crow accused of theft, even a flying horse... Who else is in this book? But what they all have in common is love... They came with their loving stories...


My story in this book, which was created by the efforts of 25 writers and 1 illustrator from the Minus 18 Literature Society. Angel and May.  Happy reading...


From Hasan Karaca, the compiler of the book;

Why Did I Compile This Book?

This book came about when my writer friends from the Minus 18 Literature Community shared the photos they took with their little friends in the group. I started to draw their pictures. Then I thought why not write a story for them. Loving stories started coming from my writer friends. Thus, our book emerged...

Ah Corona Vah Corona

We couldn't see it, we couldn't hear its voice, we couldn't smell it, we couldn't taste it. But we learned well not to touch it. Our life suddenly changed, our days' Oh! Wow! passed by. We were surprised and worried.

Twenty-one writers, including myself, came together in this work. He narrated our experiences during the Corona days for children. Each author wrote their stories in their own style and from a child's point of view, and 21 unique stories were gathered in a single book.

Those in the media...

I have organic ties with many non-governmental organizations. We do a lot of broadcasts and recordings as well. Here are some of them...