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As someone who has devoted himself to education for many years, "Creative Drama" and "Educational Drama" have a special place for me. First off, it's definitely not boring. I am having fun and learning along with the children. I'm growing with them. That is why I attach great importance to the healing power and effect of drama in coping with negative situations and emotions.


As someone who wrote and first implemented the guidelines, I must say that; During the activities, we (children and trainers) had a lot of fun, we had fun, we thought seriously and produced solutions to many problems, we discovered the planet GAIA, which has volcanic eruptions and constant ground shaking, and tried to communicate with aliens. Most importantly, each child got to know himself and his feelings. According to our analysis, we have achieved this. I hope you can give this pleasant time to children who have experienced disasters traumatic  while supporting them to overcome the effects.


The book contains both the instructions we apply to the children and the tasks we give the families to do during the week. All of the teachers and trainers trained in drama are at a level that can be applied. Although we applied the study with children who experienced an earthquake, we kept the content of the education wider. Thus, we have developed it in a form applicable to all kinds of  traumatic experiences that children may encounter.


My precious trainer who will implement these activities; While doing their work, each trainer prepared a puppet with different characters and history, and from the first day, the puppet was in the activities with the children. Every age group loved the puppet and it created a warmer and more friendly effect in the digital environment. Of course, this made the job of us trainers easier. So before following these guidelines, I would say it would be helpful to design a handmade puppet. 


In addition, I have reserved the first pages for the declaration of the scientific study we have done. This study was deemed worthy of presentation at the International Congress of Curriculum and Instructional Sciences (ICCI-EPOK) held at Ege University in November 2021 as a scientific paper and was evaluated as a curriculum study suitable for its purpose. The study was included in the Congress Full Text Proceedings. You can either read it or skip directly to the activity instructions. You can contact me for more detailed information. My mail


What matters is life and people. Is not it?!!


  • This book contains the instructions and scientific article "The 8-Week Program Prepared for 7-12 Years Old Children Who Have Experienced Disasters to Develop Their Skills to Cope with Negative Emotions with Educational and Creative Drama". 

    It can be easily applied by all trainers and teachers who have the competence to apply creative drama techniques. The directive is applicable both online and in person. 

    I would be very happy if our instructors who implement the instructions give me specific feedback at the end of the application.

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