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  • Which workshops are held in your business?
    For individuals under the age of 18; We carry out our workshops with a mix of creative drama, creative writing and reading, systems thinking, plastic arts disciplines. For adult individuals; We work with the above disciplines on specific topics such as anger management, communication, teamwork, classroom management, Children's rights, Ecology, .. For parents; evaluating child development in its full scope; We organize long-term support and training programs. Are the workshops face-to-face or online? We apply both methods according to the content of the workshop and the possibilities of the training group. In cases where the pandemic is increasing, we go online without exception, since human health is the priority. A video from the Children's Drama Workshop Squares from Children's Plastic Arts Workshop A frame from the Adult Creative Drama Workshop A picture from the Parents' Workshop
  • What ages are your workshops suitable for?
    Workshops are held with different age groups in accordance with the educational content and/or the development of the child. In general, workshops are opened for age groups such as 4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17 and over, parents, teachers, university students.
  • What can I do to attend workshops?
    You can call the phone number in our business, send a private message via DM on our social media accounts and / or contact us at the link below.
  • How long are the workshops?
    The duration of the workshops varies according to the content, targeted achievements and age groups. *Parent training for 14 weeks, 2-2.5 hours once a week; *Creative Drama workshops for at least 8 weeks, 1 day a week for 1.5-2.5 hours; *Creative reading and writing workshops, 1-3 hours or 8 weeks, 1-3 hours once a week; *The duration of the studies on systems thinking varies according to the subject and material; *Workshops mixed with plastic arts and drama last between 2-4 hours.
  • What are your workshop fees?
    As the content, duration and training materials of each workshop are different, we cannot give a fixed fee. We share all the information by holding a free meeting for our long-term trainings. We share the fee information and the scope of the workshop on our website for our short-term events. For our free workshops, we share the announcements of free workshops on our social media accounts and on our website. For the trainings with the institutions, we make a contract in the institution meetings.
  • What is the qualification of your trainers?
    We work with trainers who are experts in their fields and have the necessary documents and experience. The founder of our company, Burçak Temel, is a Child Development Specialist and Creative Drama teacher. He also serves on the board of directors of the System Thought Association. For more detailed information, you can visit our website. me
  • Are certificates given in your trainings?
    Our workshops and trainings; For short-term ones, we optionally issue digital participation certificates. A digital participation certificate is prepared for all participants for our long-term trainings. We issue a letter of reference, participation and acknowledgment certificate to university students who work voluntarily.
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